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Usually men booked us for evening time to relax after working tirelessly in office. One day a banker arrived in my apartment to have fun with me. He told me that he desperately needed a break from working and wanted to go outside with me. I took him to pub where he loosened up himself after some drinks. He told me how much he adored travelling but his busy schedule didn’t allow him to do so. The guy was single, lonely and desperately wanted a girlfriend. For some time, I kept listening to his thoughts so that he can enlighten himself with heart to heart talk. As an escort, we are trained to turn a lonely, depressed person into a happy one. In-fact, most escorts deal these types of men on daily basis. He was one of them.

When he had done with emotional talk, I fondled his hair to show how much I care about him. I was acting like his real girlfriend. He understood my emotional and cried in whole public. He told me no one has treated him with such care except his dead mother. To calm him, I took him to my apartment where I surprised him with my love skills.

I gave him a passionate kiss as the apartment door was shut. He got in motion quickly and pushed me to bed. Within a minute, he took off his clothes and unzipped my dress too. He embraced me tightly in arms and kissed me passionately on lips moving down over to my neck. He kissed all over my neck and then fastened his lips on my bosom. He was now really in motion and continued kissing my lips, bosom and neck feverishly. It was as if he wanted to forget every bad thing that happened to him while making love to me.

He kissed them for a while till he move down further over my navel. He spread my legs wide open and rolled his tongue over my pussy. I moaned with excitement when he did this to me and started feeling wet in vagina. Then, he gently lay me down on bed, spread me legs wide open and inserted his cock inside my body. I got pretty much excited, in-fact my body was not in my control as his dick went further and further inside my vagina. I sweat with excitement and embraced him tightly in my arms. He kept on doing it till both of us achieved our orgasms at the same time.

I loved his big cock when he withdrew it from my body. I requested him to hold for a minute and then took it in my mouth. He giggled like a child when I sucked his cock and soon he cum inside my mouth. I went to bathroom to wash my mouth. When I came back, he was preparing to leave. He thanked me for such a lovely time and promised me to visit again for whenever he felt lonely.


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I came to know of the popularity of Russian man when a British man visited my apartment specifically to satisfy his desire of mating with ravishing Russian woman. He was a high profile politician often seen on Television. He landed straight into my apartment from the flight. It was first time such a high profile person was making a personal visit and I was pretty much excited to meet him.

Anyway, I made him a drink on arrival. When he was comfortable enough, I invited him to my bedroom where he requested me to perform a hot striptease. I started the music at once and started taking off my clothes. I could see the bulge inside his pants as soon as garment went off my body. Soon, I was in exotic lingerie. At that moment, my date rose from the bed and came beside me. He made me sit on the bed and looking straight into my eyes for some time cupped my bosom. He continued fondling my bosom for some minutes till he sealed my lips with a kiss. He lay me down gently on the bed, came on top of me and kept on kissing me. I too got involved in kissing and put my arms across his shoulders showing how much I was enjoying it.

Then, he lifted me a little from the bed, embraced me tightly and started kissing my neck passionately. He moved his lips all over my neck till he came on my bosom and fastened his lips on it for a while. I started feeling wet between my thighs when he sucked my soft nipples. He continued loving my bosom for some time till he laid me gently on the bed, spread my legs apart and inserted his hard cock deep inside my vagina. I ran my hands over his back to encourage him to go further. The guy moved his cock in all directions till he released his sperm inside my body.

After that, I went to bathroom to wash myself. When I came up, I found him sleeping in my bed. It was quite obvious that he would be tired after such a long journey and indulging in sex with me. I joined him in bed to sleep beside him.

He gave me a goodbye kiss before leaving my apartment. But one thing he really did great to me was recommend my name to his friends. I got lot of clients from his recommendation and I am obliged to him for such a lovely gesture.